A conscious and integrated approach to how you run your Mind,
nurture your Body and cultivate your Spiritual Essence.

Alesha Keen Conscious Living
Welcome to my online home ‘Conscious Living’ a deeply rich resource of offerings and services for those of you who seek REAL transformation.

I combine western psychology and neuroscience with eastern wisdom teachings and spiritual practices.

Conscious Living is about waking up to what you are creating in your life. This is from the choices you are making, to what you are consuming with your senses, how this effects your health, happiness, spiritual well-being, relationships, finances and your ability to be authentically expressive.

I specialise in approaching life in a truly holistic conscious way by paying equal attention to the Mind, Body and Spirit.




Conscious Living to Cultivate Health in the Mind and Body
whilst nurturing the presence of your Spiritual Essence – Life in Balance!

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For transformation to occur you need to become ‘Conscious’, which is about bringing AWARENESS to your life both inside and out. The ability to self-reflect is crucial. This aligns you to your authentic essence which is your ‘true power’. When you bring more consciousness into your life there is a greater presence of power there too.

When you lack consciousness, you are living your life from old past conditioning, habits, and impulses which may not be creating the joy and happiness you deserve. We are unconscious in this state and certainly not able to live in the grace and flow of your full unmanifested potential.

Where there is consciousness there is power, we can be more authentically expressive, fulfilled and live with passion and purpose. We empower our lives by bringing consciousness to it so we can create and choose.

My approach to ‘Conscious Living’ focuses on the 3 apects of the self and can be experienced online and in-person.

Mind – 1:1 Counselling and Coaching to retrain, repattern, and free the mind whilst giving equal importance to the heart and awakening of your soul’s expression.

Body – Conscious Healthy Living with Nutrition, herbs and homeopathy protocols for healing, health and vitality. Health Retreats for in-depth learning and a more embodied experience.

Spirit - Vibrational distant energy repatterning healing system - Soul Light Alignment™. Reiki healing and Training. Meditation coaching, classes, courses and retreats. Soul Contract Readings and Trainings to dive into a deeper level of understanding and guidance. Tarot Readings to bring consciousness to your spiritual and life lessons.

My Vision A Partnership for Transformation

It’s all about you…

• If you are committed to making real change in your life - authentic transformation digging deep and flying high.
• If you are passionate about growing and learning.
• If you want to become more conscious, awakened
• If you want to take responsibility for your health - in your mind, body and spirit.
• If you want to cultivate greater balance in your life.
• If you want to be free from limitations, blocks or restrictions and desire freedom.
• If you want to cultivate positive self-esteem, confidence and empowerment.
• If you want to align to your true-life path.

If this is you then let’s talk and create a partnership for your transformation, growth and health. Let us open up your inner world together and allow the change in.

I offer a unique combination of training and knowledge in the areas of mind psychology, healing and health, and the attainment of spiritual maturity and wisdom.

Please see my training and qualifications page to appreciate the wide variety of methodologies in the realms of the mind, body and spirit that I can tailor to your specific needs.