Awakening Coaching Sessions

Awakening Coaching Sessions

Available in-person, phone or over Skype

Initial consultation 90 mins £90
Regular sessions 1 hour £60
Deepening sessions 90 mins £90
Courses are available by request

Core Work

awakening coaching sessions 1Heart and Soul focused transformation with Alesha

I offer this unique, highly intuitive and sacred way of working as a result of many years of study, training, self-enquiry, deep silence, contemplations, many revelations and proven spiritual practices.
My work is a balance of cultivating personal ego wholeness and awakened soul self.

Our true identity is already balanced, whole and in harmony with all of life and what it has to offer us, this is the universal self. The purpose is to heal or make whole the personal ego-self through the awakening to our true identity.

We experience life through our bodies and senses so when we leave our emotions and thoughts unchecked by awareness they become trapped within us causing us to self-sabotage our true reality. These unprocessed emotions/thoughts and anxieties are a record of our past which misaligns us with who we truly are. When we bring consciousness to them we begin neurologically, biologically and genetically clearing and rebuilding our internal connection to the source of who we are.

The Offering

I offer a deep presence for this sacred process of awakening, holding a safe supportive space for you to embrace all that you are and guide you through the truth of your current reality and the past experiences that have shaped you now.

Our primary spiritual work is to learn how to be in our true essence exactly as we are and this awakening is how we naturally want to evolve. Discovering and awakening to your true nature and allowing an immersion into your Soul is at the core of this sacred work.

awakening coaching sessionsThe Focus

I focus and specialise in awareness cultivation, a freeing and liberation from the mind that creates suffering, all negative self-images, programming, conditioning and associated stories and narratives about yourself and who you are. Sensing the depth of ourselves and learning how to meet others in a deeper and more meaningful way can be a challenge as we have been conditioned to live in our heads. We clear these misalignments so that you can reside within the essence of your being and live your life from a true state of authenticity. You are then able to with grace and ease co-create your true core desires from this pure state of consciousness.

These unique tailor-made sessions come from the premise that there is rightness to your being and we work to uncover more of this!

How is it different?

This is profoundly different from conventional consulting, mentoring, advice therapy or counselling. In order to access your true self within, we must journey ‘inside’ and become aware of who we are at our deepest level, beyond all the perceptions and identities your mind has chosen to believe and feel about yourself and in relation to your career, finances, relationships, sexuality, health, personal power, spirituality and your place in the world. We work by delving into your inner world, peeling back the layers and embarking on a journey of personal breakthroughs that create real and tangible changes in your life.

Through engaging in this inner work, you will learn to reside in your essence and the misalignments (conditioning, programming aka the ego) begin to naturally fall away within this awakening process. The power to transcend the mind is achieved by accessing your core essence through the heart, soul and source of your being, allowing you to fully realise your authentic truth.

When you align your personality with your soul and allow your spirit to flow your authentic power awakens within you releasing limiting patterns that are holding you back in life.

'No technique, no healer, no group and no guru will ever be as powerful of a force in your healing as connecting to your True Self' - Cameron Day

The Foundation

The Foundation for all spiritual growth and the capacity to live a truly happy and joyful life is rooted in the ability to stabilise and abide within the essence of your true nature. This true nature is a deepening experience of our own inner being which can be defined as the Soul, that which within us is unborn and undying. This aspect of you is deeper than all the stories, images and narratives you hold about who you think you are, beyond the mind…. yet it makes the mind possible.

awakening coaching sessions
The Stories we tell ourselves and the Ego

Within these sessions we work to free you from the stories and narratives you hold about yourself and your reality. As this unfolds it becomes easier to awaken to who you are in essence and you begin to live your life from this absolute truth.

Freedom and liberation from these stories creates Awakening and heightened Awareness this is when we are able to abide in pure being……. story free. We all have held within us different sets of conditioning and programming that we have acquired that doesn’t align with the true nature of reality. If we are fully aligned with reality we move through the world in a natural state of effortless harmony.

This programming and conditioning becomes our default state of being, we may be able to experience heightened states of oneness and the void but can’t sustain it within our current reality. By clearing misalignments that prevent us from being our primary nature we become capable of sharing our love and compassion and can sustain more heightened states of consciousness.
When we have this ability to abide within our absolute centre we can then sustain the experience of Unity Consciousness and enter the field of absolute potential if we are so called.

The Real Starting Point

Many people work really hard on themselves with self-help, ascension tools and other forms of spiritual growth without enough of a taste of the true nature of their soul. A lot of new age practices try to fix or clear all the misalignments without mastering sufficiently the immersion into the essence of their own soul. This makes the process very difficult as it isn’t based on acceptance of self.

We first need to learn to access the essence of our Soul, reside there and nourish this so that we can refine the mind, body and emotions. Correcting misalignments and our spiritual journey unfolds with more joy and love. When we can recognise our own over identification with our ego self without judgement but with compassion, abide within our true essence this is a huge shift in consciousness. The next step in our awakening can unfold and we can be sustained more powerfully within more and more expanded states of consciousness, oneness.

awakening coaching sessionsAreas that naturally change as you live from your Soul Truth.

Experience tangible changes within all areas of your life including the following-
Relationships (with self, family, parent/child intimate work etc)
Female mysticism and empowerment
Masculine divinity and empowerment
Career, Purpose/Destiny
Personal power
Trauma, anxiety, depression, shock, grief etc

The Sessions

Each session reveals more of the true you as you shed the false identities and perceptions you have accumulated, inherited and learned during your life time. Your commitment to going deeper, surrendering to what is, letting go of what was and getting out of your own way enhances your journey and elevates you to new realms of possibilities and opportunities. As you awaken your authentic truth and immerse into the depths of your soul where you are able to stabilise your-self this allows new revelations, wisdom, awakenings, liberation and higher states of consciousness to be accessed.

Booking Sessions

In your Initial Consultation we create a blueprint of the underlying held restrictive beliefs, feelings and states of consciousness that is creating your current reality of experience. I will then guide you to understand what you need to realign within yourself that will allow greater connection and immersion with your Soul self. This naturally leads to a reorientation with your own inner truth, power, core desires and aspirations.

The consultation lasts 1 ½ hrs and thereafter it is preferable to book sessions also for the same duration until you are able to access the internal states of the soul with more ease.
Pre-paid courses are also available upon request to support the journey of deepening which is best taken within specific time frames. This will be dependent upon your unique requirements and can be discussed during consultation.

Complementary services are-

Meditation Classes
1:1 Detoxification Consultation
Intuitive Energy Reading and Healing Meditation
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