couples awakening coaching sessions

Couples Awakening Coaching Sessions

Available in-person, phone or over Skype

Duration options
Initial consultation 90 mins £100
Regular sessions 1 hour £75
Deepening sessions 90 mins £100
Courses are available by request

This offering is to support, nurture and nourish not only the individual you that is in relationship but the third trinity aspect of a couple which is the relationship itself. By investigating and asking what does the relationship need it allows it to flourish and grow benefitting all within the relationship.

As human beings we have a universal desire to deeply connect, to love and be loved, to understand and be understood. When this is coming from a place of wholeness our relationships can blossom into its fullness. But often we experience conflict and feelings of fear, resentments, anger and frustrations all of which can cause us to lose our passion and our ability to make connections in loving ways which erodes the relationship.
Many obstacles to the creation of healthy relationships can be overcome by opening up the channels of effective communication which builds trust. Through improved communication we can learn how to meet the needs of the relationship in order for it to flourish and strengthen. Therefore, moving beyond power struggles, judgements, blame, and drama so that a culture of compassionate communication is created and restored.

Within these sessions as well as the above we explore ways to deepen connection, release held pain and suffering, express your deepest desires and learn how to synchronise your heart energies.

This is for you if you wish to move your relationship to the next level, deepen your connection and improve your communication, or if you feel stuck, confused, frustrated, or you want to gain a deeper understanding of how to create a heart based compassionate relationship.

Please see my 1:1 Awakening Coaching Sessions to add to the understanding of how we would work together.

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