Soul Light Alignment™



Soul Light Alignment

What is Soul Light Alignment™

Soul Light Alignment™ is a sacred multidimensional repatterning healing system that repairs, connects, restructures and balances you. It aligns you with the light of your soul and supports the awakening of your purpose and your true individualisation. It opens the flow of celestial codes and the receiving of your original soul blue print allowing an expansion of consciousness into your heart and mind; enabling a more authentic way of relating and a fuller expression of your Soul self.

How does a Soul Light Alignment™ work?

Within a Soul Light Alignment™ session earthly and cosmic light is infused into the light body system in a series of healing procedures that integrates pure light intelligence into the mind/body allowing a more divine relationship with your immediate reality.

Etheric energy is channelled to clear and lift density out of the light lines and diamond patterns and templates of the geometric matrix grids that surround and flow through and around your physical body. This gridwork of light brings together your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self and through this healing work connects you electromagnetically to cosmic intelligence and attunes you to the changing energies of the planet. It is a macrocosmic and microcosmic system that goes out far into the universe and deep into your cells. It is a vibratory grid that acts like a gateway and allows you to be of the earth and of the cosmos simultaneously.

Your physical structure is created from etheric templates and your cells grow in accordance with these templates. Therefore, the repair and healing of these higher dimensional templates and grid lines can have a profound effect upon the human anatomy and consciousness of the person receiving a Soul Light Alignment™.
During the session your etheric fields are opened allowing the lifting and clearing of distortions, imbalances, restrictions, dysfunctions and painful patterns that are held within the whole energy matrix. Core wounding from your formative years that unconsciously creates separation within your relationship with yourself and the divine can be infused with light allowing a healthy reconnection.

Therefore, it is important that these grid lines of light don’t become distorted, dense or misaligned as it will impinge upon your ability to connect and receive your celestial codes that hold your soul’s blue prints and higher frequencies of light transmissions that are meant to flow unimpeded into your heart and mind. Your soul blueprints hold the full codes of the infinite universe and allows you to express, create and manifest your hearts desires and connect fully with the divine source of creation.

Soul Light Alignment

Why have a Soul Light Alignment Session?

When you are receiving a Soul Light Alignment™ healing high frequency light codes are being channelled and directed into the etheric body template in order to create the necessary shifts in consciousness and the required healing for reconnection of your own source Soul Light.

We are all multi-dimensional sentient beings of light with a visible physical body which is a dynamic energetic system with an electromagnetic field of energy that radiates out forming the diamond auric field or light body. We are made up of fine diamond patterns of light, meridian lines, chakras and nadis that circulate the flow of energy from the earth grids and the larger universal grid matrix that feeds and nourishes all our organs, glands, tissues, nervous system and brain.

Our personal energy system is open to distortions, imbalances, blockages, disease patterns, and disturbances that can stem from genetic factors, physical injuries, stress, emotional wounds, shocks, medication, surgeries, trauma, and toxins. When you receive a Soul Light Alignment™ you are expanding your consciousness, strengthening your crystalline diamond structures of your light body. This enables you to hold more light that will support your evolution, health, wellbeing and create positive awareness of the true nature of who you are at the deepest and most authentic level of your being.

Soul Light Alignment
Lotus Blossom at Heart

Through the many healing procedures performed there is a gradual falling away of the circuits of social consciousness that keeps you separate from your divinity. This allows greater liberation from constructs of the mind and the Soul is able to radiate as we align and draw from the well of its wisdom and live from the truth of our divinity.

Your geometric diamond light grid is the medium that carries to you higher frequencies of light that links you to expanding levels of consciousness and has the ability to heal, harmonise and resonate your Souls true nature. Infusing into the heart the light frequencies of pure love, compassion, grace, clarity, emotional wisdom and connection to the earth and universal grids.

Your infinite potential, all that has yet to be manifested is your Soul self which in turn acts as a gateway to your spiritual essence. When receiving a Soul Light Alignment™ session you will be able to utilise this potential as you come into conscious union with your soul, spiritual essence, and the receiving of earth and universal light frequencies.

What is healing?

Healing address the causes of symptoms that you may be experiencing and can be measured by increased well-being, greater sense of internal peace, improved relating to your current reality, deeper connection with your friends, loved ones and self.

Healing is an experience of the you that is beyond time and space and is untouched by your life events, and most importantly an experience of the infinite. When we need transformation in our lives, we are called to look inwards and change the internal maps we have constructed about the nature of reality.

What is Healing?
What is Healing?

Healing is generated when we clear the gridlines and templates of the diamond matrix that creates the light body with cosmic and earthy light intelligence. This then feeds and nurtures all our physical systems within our body creating expanded consciousness, vitality and well-being. Curing consists of treating disease and eliminating symptoms and does not often include the experience of healing.

Healing requires a reorganising of the brain and nervous system and through the increased flow of higher frequencies of light being run through all your systems. The strengthening and clearing of the crystalline structures of your body of light can then be successfully achieved. Your body can only hold so much of the totality of your consciousness, yet we have the potential to access higher dimensions when we are able to receive the flow of source light from the crystalline grids of our planet and the larger universal light grids.

Why and how would you have a Soul Light Alignment™ healing session

Why and how would you have a Soul Light Alignment™ healing session

• To anchor and awaken to your divine blue print that holds your soul’s desires and purpose.
• To lift your patterns of pain and suffering from the emotional/mental/physical and spiritual bodies.
• If you feel stuck and lost
• To increase your awareness of your patterns and conditioning
• If you feel blocked in your life from love and abundance
• You can’t seem to let go of old emotional pain and trauma
• Feeling overwhelmed
• Over sensitive to your environment and other people’s feelings.
• You are frustrated with being unable to access your gifts, talents and purpose
• You have repeated patterns of destructive behaviour
• You feel exhausted and lacking direction
• You want to increase your intuition
• You have low self-esteem and confidence
• You feel out of balance and don’t know who you are.
• You need to understand your purpose and gain greater knowledge and insight into why things happen in your life.
• You feel disempowered and alone
• You are suffering with health issues
• You feel the call to grow spiritually and understand who you are on a much deeper level.
• You want to understand your spiritual journey and the messages your soul/spirit have for you.
• A difficulty moving on and letting go
• To understand your spiritual path and awakening
• To understand your relationships

What are the benefits of receiving a Soul Light Alignment™ healing session

What are the benefits of receiving a Soul Light Alignment™ healing session

• greater access to inner guidance
• more feeling of connection to our true self
• a feeling of greater connection to God
• more ability to be fully present in the moment
• freedom from past burdens
• a lighter and freer body
• greater fulfilment in relationships
• your personal will becomes aligned with the Divine
• fulfilment of our soul’s purpose
• promoting healing of all kinds of physical, emotional and spiritual wounds
• calming emotional traumas
• easing phobias
• aligning your spine
• supporting positive changes
• balancing your hormones
• clearing heavy energies
• cleansing and repairing your aura
• boosting your energy and making you feel well again
• increased compassion and love for others
• easier to control the mind-chatter
• greater connection to your own divinity and flow
• to receive guidance that will offer you understanding of your soul path and how to manifest greater self-love, acceptance and peace.
• strengthening and realignment of the mind, body and emotions with the Soul and the source light of the cosmos.
• release of anxieties and uncertainty as you connect more with your truth and divinity.
• realignment and repair of the energy structures of the light body (your aura, etheric grids and soul connections) to allow greater energy flow in and around your physical body.
• A re-calibration of the Light body which allow great flow, harmony, balance and wellness to be experienced.

Lightbody and Cadueus

Healing procedures and technology used to create
the Soul Light Alignment™ healing session.

• Akashic Record fields are opened and read for deeper guidance and support
• Tarot cards are read for the understanding of the soul path and higher spiritual lessons
• Soul Contract numerological frequency healing of your own birth chart and karmic energy
• Numerological gifts, talents, goals and soul destiny activations
• Star of David numerological birth chart crystal grid attunement and imprinting
• Archangel invocations and crystal grid sacred ceremony with the Four Watchtower Archangels
• Angelic light code transmissions
• Three-fold flame initiation
• Sacred geometry templating
• The use of sacred sound, colour, rays, and crystals.
• Archetypal healings
• Galactic Tree of Life and Axiatonal Alignment
• Crystalline body templates strengthened and infused with light
• Diamond light patterns cleared and strengthened
• Astrological re-alignments
• Elemental balancing and Pentagram imprinting
• Homeopathic infusions
• Flower essence infusions and prescription
• Flower of Life and fruit of life imprinting
• Clearing and balancing the 13 Chakra system and central channel of light
• Balancing the masculine and feminine
• Reconnection to star systems and constellations
• Spinal realignment
• Nervous system healing
• Left and Right brain hemispheres balancing
• Third eye opening
• Alpha and Omega alignment
• Endocrine gland balancing
• Organ systems clearing
• Etheric/Physical/Emotional/Mental/Spiritual template purification.

How to receive a Soul Light Alignment™ healing session

You receive a Soul Light Alignment™ distantly as there is no physical touch involved as I work with your etheric patterning and your multidimensional self.
I will require your birth name, date and place of birth to attune to your energy patterns and soul signature.
You can choose to receive your feedback either via zoom or over the phone if you are in the UK.

I do not diagnosis and treat any disease or illness, and I do not claim to be a substitute for traditional medical treatment.