Emotional Detoxification

1:1 Emotional Detoxification

Available in-person, phone or Skype
Duration options:
Initial Consultation: up to 90 mins  £90
Follow on session options: 1hr £60 / 90 minutes £90

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Health is a state of body and wellness is a state of being

We have all heard of Physical detoxification through the use of an alkalising diet and fasting. We have come to realise the importance of taking care of our physical health as it is ‘our wealth’. Of equal importance is our emotional feeling life and our mental health all of which cannot be separated if we are to become fully integrated beings.

What is Emotional Detoxification?

Our emotions are our gateway to experiencing a healthy fully alive life with boundless flow, enriched with passion and sensory openness. When we emotionally detox we enhance our ability to engage fully with our whole spectrum of emotional experiences: therefore, allowing us to become a more integrated balanced being.

Often, we are unable to digest or fully process certain life events and these unfinished experiences creating emotional stagnation, suppression, numbness and internal blockages to our innate flow of life force. This leads us to becoming stuck and held in cycles of stress, pain and suffering that directly impacts our physical, mental, spiritual health and well-being.

We can then find ourselves overreacting to situations, becoming overwhelmed, withdrawing, depressed or even confused. Emotional detoxing allows us to complete and fully process our experiences, it isn’t about riding our body of so-called negative emotions but freeing up our energy, clearing our mind and releasing held pain. This gives way to a healthy flow of emotional energy and reopens a connection to our authentic self, deepening our ability to connect to others and the world around us in a more heart centred way.

Through a series of heart based self-empowering practices of reconnection, allowing, accepting and releasing techniques you are held in a compassionate container of transformation. This opens up the ability for you to release undigested, blocked, stagnate, emotional pain, imprints and patterns so that you can healthily engage with the emotional flow of your being once again.

Liberation and freedom of life-giving flow

Emotional Detoxification chart

When to Emotionally Detox

These sessions are suited to you if you are experiencing the following-

  • You are preparing for a physical detox and you want to adequately support your successful road to greater health and well-being.
  • You have started your detoxification programme and the mental and emotional clearing is intense, you feel stuck or and in pain.
  • You are making many changes in your life and you are finding old emotions are resurfacing and you don’t know what to do.
  • You find you experience high emotional reactivity to people and life events and you are finding that you are taking things personally.
  • You feel numb, stressed out, exhausted, stuck and blocked experiencing the same emotions and feel as though you are not coping with life.
  • You have been going through big life transitions and it is a challenge to make sense of things and connect with what is right for you.
  • You are at a cross roads and you can’t feel into your truth and feel disconnected.
  • Your life feels like an emotional roller coaster and you are finding it hard to cope.
  • You have experienced a shock, trauma or a death and the grief is hard to be with.
  • You are opening up spiritually and it is bringing up emotional/mental pain.
  • You have strong unconscious childhood patterns and conditioning that you want to clear as it is affecting your ability to create a happy life and relationships now.


Complementary services are-

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