Cellular Regenerative Detoxification


Cellular Regenerative Detoxification

– Dr Morse Herbal and Detox Protocols

Alesha and herbsWelcome to the world of

Cellular Regenerative Detoxification!

Herbs – Fruits – Berries and Melons….

The focus of these sessions is to coach you and offer advice on how to create vibrate health and vitality. This is achieved by alkalising the body through the use of the Dr Morse cellular regenerative detoxification process.



Benefits of Detox

This is achieved through the use of some or all of the following -

• Supportive herbal formulas and protocols (these can be taken along with your current diet)

• Changing to a healthy plant-based diet

• A high fruit diet – to go deep into detoxification

• Juice fasts

• Alkalizing raw food

• Intermittent Fasting

• Transitional dietary changes


Important note – Detoxification is not a lifestyle it is a remedy to clean the body in order to bring back balance. Digging deep to purify in order to build a strong foundation for vibrant health and well-being.

Guidance is essential - Gentle dietary transitions are crucial before and after detox.


Who this is for:

• You want to understand how to create positive changes in their life.

• You have health symptoms you need to address naturally.

• You would like to do a seasonal detox as part of your self-care

• You would like a herbal protocol to detox, support and rejuvenation your organs, glands and systems.

• You would like to strengthen your immune system

• You care for your body and your health and want to invest in yourself.

• You desire vibrant health and vitality.

• You are ready to take charge of their own health and well-being.

• Perhaps you are on the spiritual path of awakening and want to purify your body temple and hold a greater degree of light and consciousness.

• If you want to change your lifestyle, food choices and would like the support of an experienced coach to guide, educate, inspire and motivate you along the road.

• If you have health issues that you need to address

• If you are recovering after an illness

• Because you are called to care for yourself as part of being loving and kind.

Step 1 – Complete a comprehensive health assessment

You will need to complete an in-depth health assessment form.


Step 2 – Book a 1:1 Consultation for your health requirements with protocols etc.

We have a one to one session either in-person or online so that you can understand your areas of weakness and the detoxification steps to support your journey to health and well-being. The health analysis will enhance your understanding of your body by highlighting the organs, glands and systems that are not working at their optimal level and suggest changes you would need to make.


Step 3 – Follow up Sessions

These are offered as 30/60/90-minute sessions to adjust, change and support your detox programs.


In these sessions I do not deal with diagnosis, diseases or give medical advice, it is for your personal information and educational purposes only. These sessions are about wellness and taking back your health. Before you embark on a detoxification programme please seek professional medical advice if you are pregnant, nursing, or on medication.

This does not include the purchase of the herbal protocols.

Complementary services are-

BWRT® Sessions for mindset 
Soul Light Alignment™ (to keep your energy field clear whilst you detox)
1:1 Meditation Session and Meditation Courses