Cultivation of Health and Well Being

Cultivation of Health & Well-Being

‘Health is a state of body and wellness is a state of being’.

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To achieve a state of optimal health and wellness we must address all aspects of our lived life.

It is important to focus on how to restore balance into your life and return to your true essence and wholeness.

Your diet is inextricably tied to your lifestyle, your thoughts, behavioural patterns and your emotions—so we will need to assess all these important areas as they all contribute to your overall health cultivation.

How to balance and cultivate health in our Modern Western Lifestyles?

Life Balance Health and Wellness

Life Balance

Our modern western lifestyles with all its pressures, expectations and consumerism is not conducive to the creation of health and wellness.

Stress is such a huge part of our modern lives to the point that it has become acceptable! It can feel as though it is an uphill battle to maintain our own balance when there are so many distractions, toxicity in both our food and



We are flooded with information, studies and changing scientific evidence which can make it hard for us to know which is the right path for us to take. It is also important to understand that when we have been out of balance for some time, we stop intuitively knowing what is right for us and gravitate to more to the behaviours and things that lead to continued stress and imbalance.

So here is the truth - there is no one silver bullet! There is no one magical solution. If you are currently suffering with any health issues or stress it will not have been because you did that one thing, it is always a cumulative effect.

Your health is uniquely individual to you and should be approached that way as it is more of a case of ‘for whom and when.’

Some aspects of your life to consider?

How am I running my thoughts and handling my own mental health?

How am I managing my emotions or are they managing me?

How are my energy levels, and where is my physical health at?

How are my relationships? Especially with myself?

What do these 6 pillars of health look like for me?- Sleep – Food - Sex - Work - Environment and Exercise.

I offer below two paths to cultivating health and well-being, you can take them separately or together.

Book your discovery call to evaluate which is best for you at this time in your life.

Transformational Health and Well Being

The Foundations of Health Cultivation –

Full Health, Well-Being & Lifestyle Consultation

This is a complete holistic view of how to bring yourself back into balance in order to cultivate vibrant health and well-being.

This includes looking through the lens of a number of methodologies to paint a full picture and includes using some of the following;

  • Ayurvedic Dosha System to evaluate your energetic constitutional make-up.
  • Full Health Assessment to gauge any weaknesses in your systems and organs.
  • How well you are aligned to your authentic nature and life path though Soul Contract
  • Checking your Circadian rhythm alignment
  • Stress and lifestyle assessment
  • Hormonal balance

This will be a complete holistic view of your how you are doing your health and vitality mentally, physically, and spiritually.

It will involve you completing a number of consultation forms that will allow me to see how you are doing your life. Then when we meet, we discuss your assessments and the steps needed for you to make the transformation required to cultivate vibrant health and well-being.

The Six Pillars of Health Cultivation

Sleep Food Sex Work Environment Exercise

Mind Body Spirit
• This is for you if you want to learn how to cultivate a Healthy Mind, Body & Spirit.

• Your current health and lifestyle are not working and bringing you vibrant health vitality and purpose.

• You feel ready for a deep transformation.

• You have tried so many things and you are not getting the results you want.

• You value balance, harmony and health.

•You want your life to flow

• You want to feel aligned to life, nature and tap into your wellness.

How to start and the steps to take.

Step 1Preparation and Information

Just You

The completion of a number of in-depth comprehensive health and lifestyle questionnaires in order for me to understand exactly what is causing any health issues, misalignment’s and how to remedy them at the root cause.  Through these questionnaires I will be able to access the flow of your lifestyle, your stress levels, your hormone balance, how you are running your energy, your thoughts, emotions, your health, your challenges and what your wellness goals are. I will be able to understand the areas of focus, and the steps needed to support your journey towards balanced health, well-being and realignment to your natural constitution and nature.

This will also include looking at your Souls Contract – Your Numerology to check for misalignments and therapeutic changes needed.

Step 2 – The Meeting

Me and You

This is a 2 hour 1:1 Session with me either online or face to face to discuss in-depth your questionnaire and conclusions. We will be addressing the 6 Pillars of Cultivating Health – Sleep, Food,  Sex,  Work,  Environment, Exercise.

This also includes recommendations and programs you need to achieve vibrant health, vitality and what will create greater harmony with your own innate nature.

The health analysis will enhance your understanding of your body by highlighting the organs, glands and systems that are not working at their optimal level and suggest changes you would need to make.

This will include recommended  lifestyle changes, mindset, specific spiritual practices, herbs, homeopathy, guidance on sleeping patterns, exercise, right foods, detoxification etc. We will discuss the 6 pillars of health and how you optimise them in your life.

Step 3 Optional personalised program that’s designed for your needs and personality.

Just Me

This is created by me from our 1:1 time together and is emailed to you.

This is a lifestyle program designed just for you with herbal protocols, homeopathic prescriptions and life style changes. A program of food/diet and rebalancing practices such as meditation, Yoga Nidra, and daily practices all delivered in an easy to follow format.

Step 4 – The Follow Up with Me and You

These are offered as 30/60/90-minute sessions to adjust, change and support your healing rebalancing program.

You also have the option of following a program that has been designed especially for you to support your goals.


Complementary services are-

BWRT® Sessions for mindset BWRT® Sessions for mindset 
Soul Light Alignment™ (to keep your energy field clear whilst you detox)
1:1 Meditation Session and Meditation Courses
Soul Contract Reading
Health Retreats and Immersions