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Vibrational Medicine

My approach to homeopathy and prescribing is truly holistic in nature making your spirit and soul of equal importance to your physical self. I specialise in supporting homoeopathically your spiritual growth, personal transformations, detoxifying and cleansing the mind/emotions and body.

Homeopathy Health and Healing

Homeopathy developed by Dr Samuel Hahnemann in Germany in 1800, offers the most conscious and effective way of shifting both our genetic pre-dispositions and emotional blockages in a permanent and productive way. Homeopathy helps us move on in our lives because it can penetrate deep into the core of dysfunction and what ails us.

Homeopathy is the treatment of symptoms using the ancient principle of “like cures like” so that natural substances, which have a specific imprint on the physical, emotional and mental aspects of our being, can be used to help us decongest what is blocked and stagnant.

Homeopathic Bottles
These substances are made up into solutions of miniscule dilutions. They do not over-power the system but gently stimulates it to generate its own vitality and to strive for balance and health on all levels. It is through the direct application of these miniscule remedies that we redress what is disturbed in our physical, etheric, astral and egoic bodies.

Homeopathy combines the healing power of homeopathic medicine with a penetrating understanding of the subtle energy bodies in the Human Energy System. These bodies contain our life force, desires and aversions and the soul forces that determine our karma and destiny. They form the context in which we live our lives, either by being balanced and open to life or by being closed and contracted.
Chakras and Homeopathy

The etheric body is the subtle body which contains the regenerative life principles that stimulate physical and emotional development. The astral body holds our spirit’s longings and desires and our mentality while the Egoic field is a vehicle for our individuality and sense of freedom which allows our soul to flourish.