1:1 Detoxification Consultation

With a health/Nutritional program, herbal and homeopathic protocols and lifestyle advice.

Available in-person, phone or Skype
Duration options Initial Consultation up to 2 hours £90
Follow up consultations and updated protocols, 1hr £60 30 mins £30

Detoxification fruitThe focus of these sessions is to offer and advice on how to create vibrate health and vitality by alkalising the body through the use of detoxification, juicing, raw living foods, fasting and supported by herbal protocols, homeopathic remedies, alkalising foods and lifestyle changes.

Ideal for anyone:

⦁ Who has a desire for vibrant health and vitality.
⦁ Who wants to take charge of their own health and well-being.
⦁ Perhaps you are on the spiritual path of awakening and want to purify the temple that is your body to hold more light and consciousness.
⦁ If you want to change your lifestyle, food choices and would like the support of an experienced coach to guide, educate, inspire and motivate you along the road.
⦁ If you have health issues that you need to address
⦁ Who wants to understand how to create positive changes in their life.
⦁ Want to do a seasonal detox
⦁ If you are recovering after an illness
⦁ Because you are called to care for yourself as part of being loving and kind.

If you are ready for real change and are prepared to do what is needed, I offer motivating and inspiring programmers and protocols through my experience and training. I will share with you everything you need to know to let your body heal and restore. Through practical first-hand teachings, you will come to understand how to create vibrant health and vitality by choosing cleaning alkalising food, how to cleanse, positive life practices, supportive thinking and what it takes to achieve your health goals.

You will be required to complete a comprehensive health questionnaire in order for me to understand exactly what is causing any health issues and how to remedy them at the root cause. Having someone to guide you on your journey of detoxification and wellness is an invaluable asset as it can be overwhelming and confusing. Having someone explain and provide clarity on your unique health issues can start to allow you to take control again of your own health and wellbeing. Giving clear guidelines on what to eat and why. You will also receive guidance on how to support your health through herbal protocols, homeopathic remedies, practices and lifestyle choices. You will be provided with free resources to support your journey. You can then feel inspired, informed, empowered and confident.

In these sessions I do not deal with diagnosis, diseases or give medical advice, it is for your personal information and educational purposes only. These sessions are about wellness and taking back your health. Before you embark on a detoxification programme please seek professional medical advice if you are pregnant, nursing, or on medication.

This does not include the purchase of the herbal protocols.

Complementary services are-

Intuitive Energy Reading and Healing Meditation
1:1 Awakening Coaching Sessions (for support with detox)
Soul Light Alignment™ (to keep your energy field clear whilst you detox)
1:1 Meditation Session and Meditation Courses