Soul Contract Readings

Find out the influence your name has in
Your life and the power within it!

Individual Life Purpose Reading Karma Healing Session Name Optimisation New Name (Optimisation) attunement and activation

Relationship/ Family Reading Couples Reading Parents Readings Home Naming Spiritual Business Concept


Soul Contract ReadingsIndividual Reading £150
Karma healing session £60 per hour (pre-requisite individual reading)
Relationship/ Family Reading £200 (pre-requisite individual reading which can be included within this reading)
Couples Reading £150 (pre-requisite individual reading)
Name Optimisation £60 per hour (pre-requisite individual reading)
Name Change Activation Session £60 per hour
Parents Readings for children £125
Home Naming Initial consultation £60 subsequent appointments £60 per hour
Business Naming (pre-requisite individual reading)

What is a Soul Contract Reading?

A Soul Contract Reading is a powerfully accurate channelled system of numerology that interprets the vibrations that your name creates in your life. This unique Numerology system is based on 22 frequencies of vibration taken from the Hebrew alphabet and Kabbalah.

It allows a conscious engagement with your Souls energetic patterning and awakens you to the deeper meaning within your life, both past, present and future.

It reveals your energetic patterning physically, spiritually and your level of consciousness.

It has its roots in the Kabbalah and the ancient Hebrew alphabet which is one of the 5 sacred languages of Light. As Hebrew is a Language of Light it carries within it the original vibrations of creation. Kabbalah means “to receive” and so having a reading of the powerful vibrations of your name reveals how you climb Jacobs Ladder.

The name that we are given at birth holds the resonance of a certain sound, which in turn attracts to us all that we need to experience in order to learn our lessons, achieve our goals and optimise our talents.

It uncovers how you can embody more of your Higher Self and how the divine flow of spirit weaves into your life creating opportunities for growth and for your soul to express itself.

This in-depth reading using the numerical value of your name by using Hebrew characters allowing your karmic lessons, hidden gifts/talents, your physical/ spiritual goals and your Soul Destiny (the running theme of your life) to be read and understood. You then have revealed your potential, whilst also showing you the path to achieve it.

It is a high frequency ascension tool of interpretation that assists you to self-master your life and attain a greater connection to your divinity and live your heaven on earth.

Everything in this world consists of energy which is the source of life and power. Every individual possesses a certain amount of energy, your name has its own energy and vibration which weaves and creates your life experiences.

Embedded into the system is the kabbalah, astrology, sacred symbols, planets, the tarot, colour, sound vibrations, alchemy, elements, corresponding human anatomy, chakra’s, channelled essences and homeopathic remedies.

Soul Contract ReadingsNumerology

The Soul Contract Reading is different from the commonly known numerology which is based on the meaning of numbers. A Soul Contact Reading is a way of defining someone’s path by the sound of their name. A sound is an invisible but audible vibration produced by a movement that affects the surroundings.

A Soul Contract Reading works with the Star of David and the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet which is said to express all the aspects of the human consciousness. Numerology works with 9 characteristics and focuses on numbers only.

Every sound has its own meaning and, like in astrology where stars interact and form constellations of complicated ties which influence people’s destiny, the sound of a name has the same effect on someone’s life.

This reading is a way to interpret and navigate your life, understand the true meaning behind the events and experiences that you have had, and to discover the ultimate purpose and destiny that your name opens up for you.

Where is it from?

The Soul Contract chart readings have only been available since 1980 when Frank Alper channelled this system of calculation. Frank channelled the system to support humanity and to help mankind understand its incarnated life under the influence of these energies.

Frank Alper, Spiritualist channel and founder of the Arizona Metaphysical Society, was born on January 22, 1930, in Brooklyn, New York. Alper moved to Phoenix in 1970. He founded the society three years later, and in 1979 he aligned the society with the Church of Tzaddi, a Spiritualist denomination headquartered in Boulder, Colorado.

Frank Alper first emerged as a channel in 1975 and has subsequently channelled many volumes of material from "Moses" and "the Christos." He later moved to Europe with his wife before his passing in 2007.
He was a pioneer in universal wisdom and knowledge and was well known and respected for his healing and teaching work around the world. Frank was very conscious of the laws of the universe and channelled the wisdom of the great Masters.

Frank Alper was very generous with his work and encouraged his students to expand the system for themselves and as a consequence it has been renamed by others to reflect their individual expression of his work. There are still very few teachers of this work, they are mostly in Europe; some have called the system The Numerology of Moses (another original name), The Soul Plan, and Soul Contract.

What happens during a reading?

Once you have confirmed the correct spelling of your birth name or depending on what type of reading I am doing, i.e. other names, I then start to prepare your chart.

We set a time for me to channel your reading either in person, over Skype or phone.

I spend time attuning to the energetic patterns and imprints from the vibrations of your name. A chart is prepared and gridded with crystals in order to create the necessary energetic healing to assist you in receiving the highest frequency and awakening.

The chart shows me the energies set in place by your soul for this lifetime and forms the basis of the energy that plays out in your life.

During the reading you will receive strategies on how to use your innate talents and gifts to overcome your limitations; how to turn weaknesses into strengths and get on track with your Soul Destiny.

You will receive a recording from the session and a folder with all your charts and energetic management of your karmic challenges.

Soul Contract ReadingsHow a Reading can assist you?

Knowing and gaining understanding of your name through a reading will enable you to recognize and utilize your gifts and talents.

You will find yourself being able to put a positive understanding to your past and current experiences. Wouldn't it be wonderful to maximize your talents, focus on your strengths and overcome your weaknesses?

The reading can confirm things for you, help you as you seek to understand why your life works the way it does and why you feel certain ‘pulls’ to do the things you do.

It creates healing and awakens you to see relationships, events and situations in a new light whilst accelerating your personal development.

It will illuminate your path and purpose more clearly to give you an added sense of focus and direction.

The reading can give you insights into the direction that your life can take. Relationships can be analysed; alternate names can be examined to optimise what you are here to do. A new direction can reveal itself as the reading progresses.

You may want to have a Reading because:

⦁ You feel stuck and want clarity about your life situation
⦁ You want to seek confirmation or reassurance that you are on the right track
⦁ You find yourself at a crossroads in life
⦁ You have choices to make & seek guidance
⦁ You want to understand your life more deeply

The Benefits of having a Soul Contract Reading.

 It can specifically help to:
⦁ Create a profound shift in consciousness which then supports you to awaken your Souls purpose.
⦁ Provide a sense of direction, purpose & meaning to your life & why it works the way it does. 
⦁ Offer a map and a compass by which to navigate your life
⦁ Shed light upon your life purpose & goals.
⦁ Highlight the talents you have chosen to work with and maximize them to reach optimum achievement.
⦁ Give context to your life, work and relationships.
⦁ Make informed choices.
Provide a profound insight into why you are the way you are.
⦁ Understand your experiences, dreams & difficulties in life & work through your challenges.
⦁ Highlight potential areas for personal growth and development
⦁ Put your life experiences into perspective and show you where you are going.
⦁ Empower you to engage with your Soul’s purpose & destiny if you so choose.
⦁ Give you a greater depth of understanding of your own life
⦁ You will learn how to focus on your strength to overcome your weaknesses.
⦁ Understand & enhance your relationships
⦁ Understand why certain patterns keep repeating & how to transform them.

Individual Life Purpose Reading

This is a single reading using your birth name for direct interpretation.

Names help define our world, and ourselves as people. They are symbols that help to describe people, places, and things. In ancient times, it was believed that names held great power - and they do! With a personal reading you will be able to understand what your full potential really is and find out how to tap in to it.

Karma Healing Session

This session focuses on the placement of your Karmic lessons within your birth chart. You will receive a channelled transmission of energy that creates a healing within your karmic patterning with the use of symbols, sound, colour and a crystal gridding within your Star of David.

Name Optimisation

In most countries we are born with the name our parents gave to us. This is an awesome power, the power of naming, and one should question if you are happy with the one you were given.

A Name Optimisation (Change) will enhance your experience of life and assist you to achieve your purpose with greater ease whilst accelerating your personal growth.

Native Americans believed that a person’s name should change as they evolve, to reflect who they had become. Some pagan groups thought that if they took on the name of their deity, that they would become a vehicle for the soul of that deity.

When you change your name, your personality alters and changes until you become that new person. When you decide to change some part or your entire name it starts off a journey of a re-birthing of  yourself.

I guide you through the process assisting you to focus on what energies will best suit and support your needs.

New Name (Optimisation) attunement and activation

This consists of affirmations, attunements, and activations through specific meditations and the use of sound to integrate your new name. Approximately one hour.

Relationship/ Family Reading

This is a chart showing the dynamics between you and your partner, past relationships, family, friends and those you work with. (maximum of 9 names.)

Couples Reading

This chart is prepared for the purposes of gaining a deeper understanding of the dynamics between a married couple, partners, prospective partners or friends.

This will give you an insight into the lessons you are here to learn together, possible aggravations, how to gain greater harmony, and the potential of the relationship.

Parents Readings

Having a reading for a child can be really helpful in understanding how best to guide them as they move through their early years into young adulthood. It can also help parents to understand the relationship dynamic within the family unit and how to bring greater harmony and ease to all situations. Understanding the patterns underlying the behaviour can really help parents have a much greater awareness and sense of compassion for all concerned.

Home Naming

The naming of a home aligns its occupants creating more unity and balance whilst enhancing the harmony and happiness of each person. It also supports each individual to reach their goals with more ease and grace. The family goals, dreams and aspiration can also be achieved with greater success.

Spiritual Business Concept

Business - Product – Service – Website Addresses - Email

A company, business, service or product is an external manifestation of the person/s that dreamt or thought it into existence.

By using specific energies to create your business product or service name we can assure that you and your business/product or service are in full alignment in order to achieve the fullest potential. This potential radiates out as an attracting energy and people will come who are also in alignment with you and your goals and purpose. This is a holistic approach to business- connecting to the spirit inside you and your business.

This process connects you to your source, creative energy; goals aspirations and soul purpose and I show you how to express that into your business with names and coaching you on how to be in total alignment.

The success or even ease of it will be down to whether or not the business name is energetically in alignment with the person/creator’s goals and aspirations.

A reading can also be used to develop interpersonal relationships within your business – find the right people for your company - placing people in positions to maximise their strengthens therefore increasing job satisfaction- minimising conflict-improved employee relationships and customer satisfaction.

Name submission by email for a relationship reading.

⦁ Please use capital letters for all the names ensuring that each one is correct in spelling as this directly influences the accuracy of each chart that is produced. Every letter counts.
⦁ The names are to be entered in chronological order starting with the birth certificate name and each name variant you used up to the present day current name.
⦁ Birth certificate names are to be used wherever possible for partners, also note the name you used at the time. Your age range when you were together allowing us to work out the impact in your overall cycle of life.
⦁ Include the star sign or birth date wherever possible as it allows us to go into more depth in the reading.
⦁ A maximum of 9 significant names can be analysed for a reading. Generally, these are partners and your name variants. See Example below. While 9 name slots are shown, it has to be all squeezed into the 1-1.5-hour session. So please only put in significant names so that we can have quality time to talk about each one & its effect on your birth name.
⦁ For your mother ensure you put down her maiden name as written on her birth certificate.

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