Tarot Readings

Tarot Card Intuitive and Higher Guidance Reading

Available in-person, phone or over Skype
Duration options:
½hr £25
¾hr £35
1hr £50

To begin your Tarot reading journey, it is recommended you start with an hour session to reveal your birth card and life lessons. Follow ups sessions are then offered in shorter time options.

Tarot is a powerful tool of divination and transformation and goes far beyond just looking at how the future may unfold. They can unlock insights into ourselves and others, and provide us with the ability to transform our future. The Tarot offers a perception of the inner work that the human being has to achieve in order to awaken to his/her Soul self. Connection with our Soul is required in order to open to the higher mind and universal experience.

Through the use of Tarot, we can expand our consciousness as we realise there is more to life than just the outer world. As we explore beyond the personality and move to a deeper level of our existence we meet the more mysterious within us that which is called the Soul and the energy of our spirit.

These Tarot Readings give you the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the past, current and possible future lessons available to you for awakening and empowerment.

They are not offered as a predictive future reading or fortune telling but as a therapeutic means to engage with the conscious creation of your reality whilst gaining deeper understanding of the unconscious energies at play within your life. Think of it as therapeutic help in finding alternative perspectives when it feels as if there are none. It is prescriptive, as opposed to predictive.

The 22 Major Arcana reflect the unseen mysterious world of our Soul and Spirit and provide a map of initiations, lessons and practical steps to those who seek greater consciousness within their daily lives. The tarot is the symbolic language of the Soul, the first language was number, then pictures, and then myths which kept the knowledge of our journey to enlightenment alive. Every card gives a stage of personal transformation which is the hidden story in a universal language from ancient traditions.

Having a Tarot reading is seeing your life from the perception of our Soul and allows easier shifts in conscious awareness from a greater place of empowerment and clarity whilst awakening to more creative solutions and understandings of your life experiences. The cards tell the story triggering unique messages for everyone while you are being supported to go deeper into your held beliefs and patterns allowing then for you to emerge with a more awakened and soul aligned version of yourself.

Your birth name and date of birth is required for energetic patterning, connection and for your Soul card.

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