About Alesha Keen

“To know thy self is to know the divine that is you”
– Alesha Keen

Alesha is a gifted intuitive, empath, medium and channel with the true heart and passion of a mystic. She is a visionary, a well-seasoned teacher, a truth seeker and an explorer of the nature of consciousness. With unique intuitive abilities to read the human psyche sensing and seeing energetic patterns, emotional blocks, limiting beliefs and receiving messages from the soul; Alesha is able to connect to the hidden core of your being and awaken within you your own divine nature so that you too can own your own power, gifts, truth, passion and purpose!

Alesha offers a unique and rare blend of balancing both the physical and the spiritual aspects of the self. With 30 years of experience in conscious business management, sales, marketing and then training in countless esoteric healing modalities, vibrational medicine, detoxification, holistic therapies, and the mysteries. Alesha offers her own distinct way to support your awakening journey of wholeness by unlocking your perception of your current reality, elevating your consciousness and inspiring inner growth.

Alesha’s essence resonates a catalytic energy creating a sacred chalice like platform for groups and individuals to experience deep heart, soul and spiritual connection. She offers a dynamic and compassionate space for one-to-one sessions and for groups.