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Hi there, thank you for visiting my website let me take this opportunity to share with you a few insights into my life journey, my interests and experiences. So that if we take a journey of transformation together you know a little bit about me as a person.

I live in Cheshire in an old Victorian house with my husband of nearly 20 years, our two grown up children and our 4 dogs. I was born and raised in Liverpool and I have had the fortunate opportunity to be able to travel quite extensively in my lifetime both through various jobs and family adventures. I have experienced many different cultures and places both in the UK and worldwide. My most favourite places to visit are – Anglesey in Wales, Italy, Egypt and Bali. I have also lived in a few different counties in the UK; Somerset, Yorkshire, Merseyside and Cheshire.

I enjoy many creative pursuits from interior design, graphic design, writing, reading, healthy cooking to historical places and people. I love to learn and consider intellectual study an essential part of my own self-care. I have always had a special interest in health, healing, human potential (especially the mind) and spirituality. Central to my life view is the divine spark of our existence. To me it is vital to have this integrated presence woven into my daily life. This is experienced by my daily spiritual practices, study and ongoing training. I have been consciously awakening to my own inner nature since 1998 and leading a yogic lifestyle.



My superpowers are determination, my trustworthiness, curiosity and my compassion.

My greatest life changing events - the birth of my children and the passing of my father.

I love animals especially dogs

I am most comfortable in nature and by the sea

For those of you who are astrologically inclined – My Sun is in Leo my Moon is in Aquarius and my Ascendant is Libra.

My most favourite quote is - ‘Let me fall if I must fall. The one I will become will catch me.’ By Baal Shem Tov 


Alesha Collage My Business approaches

I have an integrated approach to your individual and unique health and well-being needs by supporting you to achieve a balanced mind, body and spiritual life.

I combine western psychology and neuroscience with eastern wisdom teachings and spiritual practices. I offer this through the use of skilled psychological therapies, natural nutrition, detoxification protocols, coaching and meditation exercises.

This focused combination of addressing the way you run your mind, body and spiritual essence gives a much more powerful and positive long-lasting result for you.

I have been in private practice since 1998 successfully supporting hundreds of people and groups to make practical positive changes so they can fulfil their potential and live a more conscious life with purpose, presence and peace.

I help by empowering you to increase your quality of life from the inside-out and by putting more of the real ‘YOU’ within you!


I believe we all have our own inner greatness that, when lived from totally, frees us to be our most natural and authentic self. I particularly specialise in freeing the mind from self-limiting, restrictive thinking and behaviours with progressive modern solution-based techniques that allow you to be your personal best.