Conscious Living Philosophy

Alesha Keen Conscious Living offers a gateway to the awakening of our human wholeness through harmonising with nature which naturally resides within in us all.

Conscious Living Philosophy

It is important to me when I am holding a sacred safe space for you is that it is being offered and experienced with


and faith that you are connected to a divine power within that will bring you home!
I have come to see through my experience with working with others over the last 30 years and in my own personal journey the following held beliefs, truths, attitudes and philosophies are key to creating long lasting transformation.


Having the right View is essential.….




The View for Transformation

Holding the Right View for Transformation

⦁ Our individual relationship with our core self will determine if we live a joyful, connected, loving, expansive, soul filled life or if we experience our life disconnected, lost, disempowered and in a victim-based consciousness.

⦁ Who we believe we are is central to our health, well-being and conscious awakening.

⦁ All of us experience the human condition of not feeling enough, abandoned/rejected, and betrayed. Our awakening is to feel our way through this darkness to the light of our true nature and learn to love and accept ALL of ourselves!

⦁ Disassociation from our emotions creates not only separation from our truth but a veil of illusion in our reality.

⦁ Our core is our depth of being, our truth, our soul, our true nature and is beyond our deepest wounds and most importantly it is our freedom and liberation.

⦁ All healing and awakening will begin within oneself.

⦁ Getting clear on your intent is the starting point and creates the energy for what you will create and what you will experience.

⦁ The most important starting point (our intent) for success is the understanding that you do not need fixing, (there is nothing wrong with you) you are already whole and complete. This is your realisation.

⦁ You do not need anything outside of yourself in order to be complete and fulfilled, all is within you, you just need to realise this truth.

⦁ The ego is a necessary aspect of our human experience and by understanding our conditioning we no longer define an aspect of our self as wrong. When we see the ego as a wrong part of us, we create separation. The ego does not need to die in order for us to awaken, it calls to us to become a healthy version of ourselves.

⦁ We need to do an equal amount of shadow work as we do light work, no spiritual bypassing. If you wish to enter the stream of your spiritual life then psychological work is required as a foundation. Creating a healthy view of reality and yourself through the mind is your first step.

⦁ All energy is neutral until we decide what to do with it.

⦁ We label feelings and thoughts as negative or positive thus creating duality, what we really mean by negative and positive is what we do and don’t like.

⦁ You are the captain of your own life and the architect of your own reality, be conscious.

⦁ The only thing you are in control of in your life is how you feel and how you respond to the people and events within your life.

⦁ Your ability to surrender and let go will determine the degree of transformation and connection to your core/soul self. Most importantly how well you are able to honesty self-reflect and self-enquire.

⦁ Will power isn’t a prerequisite for long lasting positive change to occur, gaining clarity on what you want and the degree of value it will bring to you is! The value of what the required change will bring to you needs to outweigh what you are currently getting from staying as you are. It is this that creates momentum (will power).

⦁ What you feel, say and do needs to align with your core/soul self and values in order to express your truth into the world, bringing you a fulfilled and purposeful life experience.
To my fellow seeker be curious, come explore, experience and become………….