Professional Conduct and Confidentiality

Professional Conduct

I believe that each of my clients is a unique, creative and responsible person who is in charge of moving their own life forward. I am committed to providing a safe, therapeutic, and non-judgemental environment for all my clients. As a holder of this sacred space at the heart of my service is the relationship and connection between myself and client. I work from the premise that there is nothing wrong or needs to be fixed, each person that seeks my support and guidance does so as they are ready to tap into their own wisdom, divinity, internal truth and re-align with their true nature.

I am qualified and extensively experienced in many healing modalities, techniques and processes which can be seen on my website. I combine all of this knowledge and experience to deliver a personalised and intuitive session to support your individual needs.

My aim in working with you is to provide a reliable and consistent framework in which you can improve your awareness of yourself, your relationships, and your purpose with a view to increasing self-understanding, health and well-being. Always being respectful of your right to self-determination and autonomy.


Confidentiality and Records - I maintain strict confidentiality between myself and client. Further details are within my Coaching Contract.

Services and Contact

The services I provide as a coach/ therapist to you the client (s) are face-to-face, telephone, or Zoom sessions as agreed jointly with you the client.

Contact is kept to booked appointment times only unless it is a 10-minute check in as I do not do therapeutic processing outside of booked sessions.

Each person will receive a copy of a contract to sign before agreed services are offered to ensure good practice.