Channelling Workshop 2 days

This course is also available as a 1:1 please enquire on fees

What is channelling?

Channelling is a skill which can be learned. This magical two-day workshop will enable you to connect with your spirit guide. By channelling you can work with the wise teacher you seek, one who comes from within rather than from without. Guides have great love and respect for all humanity; they are focused on service and on assisting us in our spiritual growth and development. 

What you will Experience?

The workshop is designed as both a group and individual experience. The presence of all the guides makes it easier to channel and will boost the available energy for each participant allowing them to break through to new levels.  Although this course gives you the skills to verbally channel, this is just the beginning of the things that can open up for you as a channel. Many healers, for example, take this course to enable them to channel a healing guide who works with them and through them for the benefit of their clients. Others take the class to become more connected to their higher purpose in this lifetime. Channelling gives you the tools to find your own answers and it can assist you in making the life changes you have been wanting to make. Before joining the workshop, you will receive recorded meditations to work with to prepare you for this wonderful connection.

What are the benefits?

You will require a genuine desire to connect with your spirit guides. You will learn to relax into your channelling posture, alter your brain waves and bring the veil between the two worlds closer together. Learn to read for others and yourself, channelling higher guidance, establish a conscious relationship with your guide. You will also receive an attunement to assist you to raise your vibration, 2 days of exploration, fun and growth. It is not necessary to be psychic or to have any special training outside this course to channel. What you do need is a genuine desire to make this connection and a willingness to make your life work. The guide that you channel will be aligned with your energy and with your Higher Purpose; there is never any question of giving away your power.  Instead, you will find that you will be more empowered in your life and your work, you will become more creative, wiser and more able to move more easily through your lessons. 


This is an amazing experience, opening up your channel to connect to spirit.  I have previously been on similar types of workshops but have never, ever connected as clearly as I did on this one. Throughout the 2 days, I have learnt so much more about myself and my spiritual journey. Alesha has a unique approach in her teachings; she has the ability of working both with the group as a whole but at the same time working with you as an individual.  She is supportive and empathetic but also not too serious so that there is also an element of fun in her workshops. I recommend this workshop without any hesitation, it is a heart-based experience so you can leave the intellect at home for this one and expect the unexpected! Brilliant!

Lyn O'Donoghue, Cheshire 2012