Reiki Training Self Healing Practitioner and Teacher

Reiki Training

Reiki Training Self Healing Practitioner and Teacher 5I am honoured to be able to offer you an opportunity to experience an energy modality that is both traditional in its content and aligned with the original Teachings of the founder of Reiki Dr Mikao Usui.
I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience of energy healing with over 25 energy modalities learnt since becoming a Reiki Teacher in 1999. 

For me Reiki was my introduction to the healing arts and awakened within me the healer archetype. I searched and practiced many different aspects of this lineage until I came to one that resonated a deeper truth and connection to the seed teachings.

The Reiki Training that I offer is the closest to the original and more authentic Usui Teachings. It is well supported with a home study pack, meditations and a beautiful comprehensive manual.

 I look forward to welcoming you into my sacred space to share the healing frequencies of the Mikao Usui lineage.



Reiki Training Self Healing Practitioner and Teacher 6Reiki is a simple Japanese energy system anyone can learn.

Reiki is a spiritual healing art with its roots in Japanese origin. The word Reiki comes from the Japanese word (Rei) which means “Universal Life” and (Ki) which means “Energy”. Reiki is not affiliated with any particular religion or religious practice. It is not massage nor is it based on belief or suggestion. It is a subtle and effective form of energy work using spiritually guided life force energy.

The Training

Reiki First Degree training course lasts for 15-16 hours which includes approximately 9 hours of home study with a comprehensive multimedia study pack, and then you will attend a full day in-person live training.                                               

Reiki Second Degree training course lasts for 12-13 hours which includes approximately 6 hours home study with a comprehensive multimedia study pack, and then you will attend a full day in-person live training.                                                

The live training days are held as small groups to assure efficient support and personal guidance. You will have received your home-study multi-media pack before your training day allowing you to be well prepared to then focus on the practical energy work and putting into practice what you have learnt.

All Reiki courses will involve you going through a ‘connection ritual’ either called an ‘attunement’ or an ‘empowerment’. This supports you to recognise something that is already there within you, a way of directing your attention towards an energy that is within you and surrounds you, and always has been a part of you. Attunements do not connect you to something new and different. You will usually receive a number of attunements or empowerments during your Reiki training,

Re-Sitting your training

If you would like to re-sit your training to deepen your knowledge and practice you are very    welcome even if you have trained in another lineage and with another teacher. Please enquire on costs for the purchase of additional manuals and meditation recordings.

First Degree Reiki - 1day £160.00

Non-Refundable Deposit £80
Resit £85    

· 'Reiju' spiritual empowerment.
· Learn to work with energy
· Learn the Japanese 'Hatsu Rei Ho' technique
· Carry out a Japanese self-treatment 'meditation', and learn how self-treatments are done Western-style.
· 'Treating Other People': Demonstration and Explanation
· Practice feeling the Energy Field
· 'Scanning'
· Practice giving and receiving a Full Reiki treatment

Second Degree Reiki - 1 day £190.00 

Practitioner Level
Non-Refundable Deposit £80
Resit £85

· Learn about earth ki and heavenly ki and the use of   symbols to represent these energies
· You will go through energy exercises to experience earth ki and heavenly ki.
· How you use these two energies in a treatment context and experience them for yourself.
· Receive 'Second Degree' empowerment
· Oneness and Distant healing: various approaches        explored
· Learn to send distant healing
· Learn the use of intent to direct energy
· Learn various methods of directing energy - using       visualisation and intent - includes "many hands" and eye method
· Learn to work intuitively using the Japanese approach called "Reiji ho"

Reiki Master Course £495

Teacher Level                       
Non-Refundable Deposit £160

Resit £170   

Day One
· Introduction to Reiki Mastership: Overview of the course
· Reiju Master-level empowerments
· Overview of Usui Sensei's original system and how we can echo his approaches
· Some New Symbols
· The Usui and 'Tibetan' Master symbols
· Experience the new energies
· The Reiki Kotodama: exploration of sacred sound
· Learn the Kotodama and Experience their energies
· Learn how to use the Kotodama for self-healing and self-development, and     during treatments
· Western Master attunement
· Practice session: the Second Degree attunement
· Master attunements: how they differ from Second Degree
· First Degree attunements: how they differ from   Second Degree
Day Two
· Reiju Master-level empowerments
· The importance of Intent
· Directing energy using intent/visualisation: practice session
· "Frequency setting": practice session
· The importance of Intuition
· Expanding our experience of the "Reiji ho" method: practice session
· Perceiving the Chakras: practice session
· "Mind's Eye" Visual Shortcuts
· Students demonstrate 'basic' Reiju  empowerments
· Practice Session: use Reiju on each other
· Using Reiju at Second Degree and Master levels: explanation and practice session
· The benefits of Reiju empowerments
· Learn how to empower yourself in different ways and practise one method.

How to Book your place for your Reiki Training

A deposit is required to secure your place. Upon receipt of your deposit your manual and cd/s will be ordered for your home study and dates can be set for your training if you are organising a 1:1 training day. If you are booking onto set dates it is best to ensure you start your home study 2 or more week before.

Reiki Training Self Healing Practitioner and Teacher 4Reiki Training Self Healing Practitioner and Teacher 4Reiki Training Self Healing Practitioner and Teacher 4Reiki Training Self Healing Practitioner and Teacher 4