Soul Contract Reading Training


A Spiritaul Map and Compass of your Life


Soul Contract Symbol


Soul Contract Reading Training Practitioner Level 1

A Spiritual Map & The Journey of the Soul

Practitioner Level 1
The Foundation Path of Initiation for the Questing Soul
The 22 Paths to the Tree of Life
Held Online 1:1 Tuition over 4 Days
£150 Deposit to secure your place

Total payment £850

Soul Contract - Who is the training for


This training is ideal if you are a Counsellor, Therapist, Life Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Workshop facilitator, Healer, Light Worker, Spiritual Teacher, Astrologer, Way shower, Business owner, Manager, Supervisor or an Entrepreneur. This training will give you an immediate understanding of your clients, students, partner, family, friends, and employees at a deeper and more profound level.

The Training is also open to anyone who is interested in their own personal and spiritual conscious awareness and development. Also, of great value if you have a desire to connect to the true essence of your soul nature and live this on a daily basis. If you have the call to know yourself more fully. If you want to know how to positively work with your goals, gifts, talents and the repeating karmic patterns.

If you feel called to help others to heal and overcome karmic repetitive patterns, tap into their inner latent resources and talents and fulfil their potential.

And finally if you want to add an amazing service to your business to offer your clients that is enjoyable to deliver and a true blessing to receive.

What is a soul contract reading


You are invited to learn and train in a complete and in-depth system of Spiritual analysis that accurately de-crypts the patterns and blueprint of a person’s life experiences through the decoding of the sounds and vibrations held within their name.

A Soul Contract Reading uncovers the truth of a person’s life path, allowing for a deeper understanding of why their life works the way it does. This system is a powerful tool of transformation and awakening as karmic patterns, talents, latent gifts and your deepest soul desires are revealed. This then shows you how to manifest your unique Soul Destiny.

This is a standalone course in its own right but it can work hand-in-hand with many other healing modalities, processes and therapies.

It has roots in the Hebrew sacred language, the Kabbalah, Astrology, Tarot, and Archetypal Symbolism.


Your teacher Alesha Keen


Alesha specialises in integrating Western Psychology with Eastern Spirituality to attain wholeness and wellness of the body, mind and spirit.

Alesha is a well-seasoned Teacher, Coach and Spiritual Practitioner. Her approach is to work from the deepest core of a person to create the greatest authentic and permanent changes. This naturally allows a healthy soul centred life expression.

Alesha has been successfully working with The Soul Contract Reading system within her business for over 11 years offering readings and training's. Alesha was originally taught by a number of Soul Contract Teachers and studied the original teachings directly from Frank Alpher's trainings. Alesha is an inspiring and highly creative Teacher who loves to share her knowledge with others.

Alesha has 20 + years of running her own business and 30 years of training, teaching, consulting and coaching in the areas of: Management, Sales, Psychology, Healing, Esoteric Studies, Health, Nutrition, Personal Development and Eastern Philosophy.


What are the benefits of attending the training


This Training offers you the following-

  • How to professionally present, read and deliver a Soul Contract Chart for others.
  • How to support those you are reading for to gain a greater sense of who they are and how to navigate and master their own chart. How to overcome their karma, activate their talents, fulfil their soul desires and how to fully express their Souls purpose.
  • To accurately analyse and calculate the vibration of a birth name giving you a greater understanding of the karmic patterns, what gifts are latent, what their soul desires are, and if their Soul Destiny is being expressed into the world.
  • You will have the opportunity to analysis your own name and gain a greater sense of who you are and why your life works the way it does. Learn to use it as a personal tool for transformation, self-realisation and healing.
  • How to read and interpret the 22 Hebrew letters that resonate the spiritual expressions of our experiences, karma, lessons, gifts and soul purpose.
  • You will be led through meditations and inner journeys creating transmissions to awaken and develop a personal relationship with each of the 22 vibrations.
  • You will learn to hear your Inner Voice and discover your own inner Soul Contract Teacher.
  • How to open your channel and read someone's Soul Contract chart energies which is their unique signature, giving them the truth of their life.
  • How to interpret the meaning behind a person’s experiences and then giving them the tools to empower themselves to overcome their limitations and repetitive patterns and behaviours.
  • How this system fits into the Tree of Life and the Tarot.
  • Looking at possible health implications for each archetypal vibration from the 22 letters.
  • To intuitively guide others on their Soul Journey and to understanding and release their greatest Potential.
  • How to channel each energy and give an intuitive interpretation of a person’s life experiences whilst giving them an understanding to why their life works the way it does.      
  • You will learn to work with the sacred symbols, sounds, colours, astrology and the Star of David.
  • How to set up a crystal grid with the Star of David and open your channel to give a reading.
  • As a Soul Contract Reader, you will see the possible issues your clients will be presenting before you meet them. Such as self-worth, financial issues, hypersensitivity, blocked creativity, addictions etc and their potentiality of business expertise, leadership, teaching, psychic gifts and creative skills.
  • There will be an abundance of reading practice and you will learn how to read the charts for yourself, friends, family and others.
  • Introduction to the Software package for Soul Contract Chart analysis.

 You can now offer your clients


  • A deep sense of self-acceptance and peace as the truth of their life is better understood.
  • A Spiritual Map in order to navigate their life.
  • Empower them as they receive practical steps to overcome their greatest challenges and see these patterns as tools for psychological and spiritual growth.
  • Align them with their soul’s desires and purpose giving them a sense of fulfilment, recognition and connection.
  • Show them how to manifest their dreams and express their divinity.
  • Allow a deepening connection with their truth and authenticity.
  • Empower them to consciously evolve and transform into their true nature by using all that is already available to them within their own Soul Contract Charts.
  • Allow you as the reader to go deeper and more rapidly with the work you do with others.

    You will receive the following: -
  • A full in-depth and extensive manual, a Home study pack prior to your training, plus MP3 recordings to fully prepare you.
  • Upon completion you will receive a certificate of achievement and be able to offer Soul Contract Readings professionally.
  • Supervisory sessions and support, post training, will be available at reduced student rates
  • Assistance and advice with gaining a commercial insurance policy
    Levels 2 Relationships and Name Optimisation
    Level 3 Business use, Website, branding, team building etc
    One-to-one teaching is available internationally via Zoom for £850
    Group Webinars available by request nationally and internationally.

Soul Contract How to Book


Email Alesha to express your interest in attending this course as a 1:1 training or check out the next available dates. A £150 non-refundable deposit will secure your place.
The remaining balance of any bookings is payable 14 days before the training date agreed upon. Your Home Study materials are sent to you upon the completion of the balance.

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